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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

Keys to control the movement in Solaris Man pages

Following i display the key possibilities to move arround a man page in Solaris.

You can see the uname man page for example:

$ man uname

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User Commands uname(1)

uname - print name of current system

uname [ -aimnprsvX ]

uname [ -S system_name ]

The uname utility prints information about the current system on the standard output. When options are specified, symbols representing one or more system characteristics will be written to the standard output. If no options are specified, uname prints the current operating system's name. The options print selected information returned by uname(2), sysinfo(2), or both.

To move arround a man page these are the keys:
Space bar : Displays the next page of the man page.
Enter : Displays a next line of the man page.
b : Goes back one line
/pattern : Searches a specific pattern in the man page.
n : Searches the next occurence of the pattern, after using the /pattern option
h : displays a help with the movement options in a man page.
q : quits the man page.

Searching a word in the man pages
$ man -k word_to_search

To search for the "calendar" word in the man pages, use this command:

$ man -k calendar
cal cal (1) - display a calendar
calendar calendar (1) - reminder service
difftime difftime (3c) - computes the difference between two calendar times
mktime mktime (3c) - converts a tm structure to a calendar time

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